My Black Bean Brownies

(Original post dated March 14, 2010)

I don’t mind the rainy weather, but it does make me lose my ambition. Instead of roaming the local shops with my sister, I cancelled and decided to do something I never do. I got to baking. From these ingredients, can anyone tell what I was concocting?

If you guessed BROWNIES, you were totally right. If you didn’t guess brownies, I don’t blame you. Black beans add an excellent source of fiber to a usually not-so-healthy snack. The recipe I used can be found here, (P.S. The temp I cooked at was 350 and i added the baking powder to the cocoa, not to the wet ingredients.)

After these cooled I added a Natural PB/fat free half n half “frosting

If it’s any indication, I’ve only eaten 2 of these so far. It’s not the black beans, it’s the Splenda that’s killing it 😦 A word to the wise: a little bit of real sugar is better than a little bit of fake sugar.


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