My First Green Monster

(Original post dated April 11, 2010)

On Friday I made a post proclaiming how very happy I was that it was Friday. Today, I felt like saying “TGIS”. I woke bright and early at 10 (sarcasm). I had no ambition what-so-ever and just felt lying staying in bed. I haven’t gotten much done today except…I made my first Green Monster!! I have heard rave reviews about the spinach-based smoothie from the many food blogs I read and today I felt the need to try it for myself.


Into the blender all the ingredients went.


The end result looked like this.



I poured some into a cup and took a hesitant sip. IT WAS DELISH!!!! Like I said, I read many blogs of people who swear that this smoothie does NOT taste like spinach. I must admit, I never really believed that. Now that I’ve tried the Monster for myself, I completely agree! I made up a couple more batches of these and now have a pitcher-full in my fridge.


I’m hoping it will give me the energy I need to get through Monday morning! If it’s any sign of how much I liked this drink, I have replaced my coffee maker with my blender…for the warmer months, at least.



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