My Vegetarian Enchiladas

(Original post May 3, 2010)

I woke up the exact same way I did last Monday…to pouring rain.

As the day went on, the rain cleared up and I came home to beautiful weather! Just a few puffy clouds in the sky, and NO RAIN. Unfortunately, after a heavy downpour at the lake, you end up with debris washing up on your shore.

Everything from the hills surrounding the lake ends up rushing down into the water. This also includes a disturbing amount of plastic that I didn’t get a picture of. I’ll save that rant for another entry.

When I got home, I had the cooking bug. A lot of people see cooking as a chore, but it’s relaxing to me. In project “Kitchen Clean-out” form, I decided to make some vegetarian enchiladas. I started by mixing some fat free refried beans, some frozen Sante Fe vegetables, Ol’ El Paso enchilada sauce and fat-free cheddar cheese.

It wasn’t too pretty but smelled amazing. I rolled the enchilada mix up in whole wheat tortillas.

And laid them out in a greased baking dish. Topped with more enchilada sauce (mixed with taco sauce).

The sauce was covered with fat-free cheddar and went into the oven at 350* for 20 minutes.


Top with some nonfat Greek yogurt and you have a delicious Mexican dinner!

I will admit my enchiladas were a bit spicy, which didn’t help since my apartment was roasting anyway. I decided that since I already had my oven on, I might as well roast up some veggies for wraps this week. I roasted 4 different bell peppers

as well as the last of my asparagus.

I also made a big batch of Iced coffee to suffice for the rest of the week. Now I am officially done in the kitchen and finishing watching DWTS!


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