My Roasted Vegetables…and Chickpeas

(Original post September 13th, 2010)

On Monday night the weather looked like this:


So I decided to turn on this:


I assembled some ingredients


Can anyone guess what I was making?


Did you guess breakfast bake? Probably not. I wanted to add some veggies to my breakfast for the week so I combined these ingredients (switched Ricotta for cottage cheese since the Ricotta was expired) as well as some spinach into a breakfast bake.


My oven light is so high tech lol. When the breakfast bake was done I also decided to roast some cauliflower and broccoli since the apartment was already a hundred degrees by then.


Olive oil, salt and pepper is all you need really need. I used this articlefor cooking instructions. Roasting beats steaming any day!

So on Tuesday I came home and was set on making perfect spaghetti squash. Every time I’ve cooked spaghetti squash it’s come out mushy so I Googled some recipes and decided that roasting was the way to go. I simply sliced the spaghetti squash lengthwise and scooped out the seeds. I coated the botton of my toaster oven sheet pan with olive oil, placed the squash cut-side down on the pan and cooked at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.


VOILA!!! Perfectly roasted and tender spaghetti squash.


I scooped out all the “spaghetti” and now have a delicious side dish for the rest of the week!



Since I was on such a roasting roll, I also decided to roast some chickpeas.


Roasted chickpeas are an awesome and healthy snack. Toss with olive oil and your choice of spices (mine were chili powder, Mrs. Dash and S&P) , spread out on a cookie sheet and roast at 450 degrees for 40 minutes (shaking the pan occasionally so they don’t burn).

Since I was obviously on a culinary kick and riding the high of my spaghetti squash win, I decided to attempt poaching Wegmans Club Pack Salmonfor the first time.

I Googled some recipes again (how did people cook before Google?) and ended up combining some parsley, dill, water and white wine in a sauté pan.


My wine of choice was Bully HillElise Chardonnay because A: It’s local and B: It was the only wine in the house.


Once the water and wine mix was rollin’ I added the salmon, covered and simmered for approximately 4 minutes.


Yet another culinary win, if I do say so myself! I topped the salmon with some Tzatziki and served it with my roasted veggies. I simply topped the spaghetti squash with a little ICBINB and salt and pepper.


Definitely one of the healthiest and tastiest meals I’ve made in a long time!


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