My Dehydration Station

This past weekend I finally got that dehydration win that I’d been waiting for.

But, first things first.

Friday night was spent doing this:

Then on Saturday morning I learned the secret to speedy grocery shopping.

Go on Saturday morning at 8:30

during a snowstorm.

True story.

After shopping I braved the roads back to my apartment. By that time it was so bad out that I could barely see across the lake.

Perfect cleaning weather. I’m talking serious deep-cleaning, removing-everything-from-the-counters and scrubbing the floors kind of cleaning.

That, my friends, is where the “magic” happens. The magic that I’m speaking of is…dehydrating! On Sunday morning I set up the “dehydration station”.

On the dehydrating menu was fresh apples and mango (that I dipped in Fruit Fresh to prevent browning)

and canned pineapple, peaches and apricots.

Yes, you can dehydrate canned fruits! It’s way cheaper and it comes out tasting like those expensive “fruit leather” you can buy at the store.

Here’s what 10 hours in a dehydrator does to apples.

And pineapple

and peaches & apricots

and the most entertaining…mango.

I must say, my favorite of the bunch is the apples. It’s probably due to the cinnamon and sugar I sprinkled on them but, who knows?

Now I finally have the confidence to attempt beef jerky again…at some point. Baby steps.


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