My Mom’s Sweet Potato & Sweet Orange Casserole

(Original post date November 25, 2010)


We had Thanksgiving dinner planned for around 2pm today and my mother made Sweet Potato and Fresh Orange Casserolefor us to bring along.

First she boiled, peeled and sliced 4 large sweet potatoes and peeled and sliced 2 ripe oranges. These were added to a greased 9×13 disposable aluminum pan. (This is a great idea for any potluck, it makes clean-up easy and you don’t have to worry about getting your dish back.)


After this, she simmered butter, brown sugar and pecans for about three minutes, stirring frequently.


This was poured (spooned) on top of the sweet potato/orange mixture.


Next my mom mixed together orange juice, cornstarch, cloves and maple syrup


and moved this mixture to the stovetop to thicken. The syrupy blend was then poured on top of the rest of the ingredients.


The pan goes into the oven at 375* for about 15 minutes and you’re done!

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a pic of the finished product. You can see it here in my obligatory Thanksgiving plate picture.

t-giving meal

This casserole is a great alternative to the traditional Sweet Potato/marshmallow combination!


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