My Pasta n More

(Original post date January 13, 2011)

You know how on some days you wake up knowing exactly what you’re going to make for dinner?

Today was notone of those days.

Luckily, I have some awesomely inspiring blogs in my Google Reader and this gorgeous Penne with White Beans and Spinach recipe on Jenna’s blogcalled to me.

Instantly, dinner started forming in my mind. I knew I had no white beans in the house but I did have the remnants of a jar of Alfredo sauce, fresh spinach and sundried tomatoes in my fridge as well as some Rotini in the cupboard.

Plus, my friend Zara had just given me a new kitchen gadget she had gotten for Christmas but didn’t want. Enter: the Pasta n’ More!

A word to the wise: always be wary of a product with the words “n’ more” in the name. I thought the Pasta n’ More would make it quicker to cook pasta but I was wrong. So wrong. The first warning sign: my Pasta n More didn’t come with any water.

Winking smile

Secondly, I had to measure the pasta, whereas traditionally I would just dump some pasta in a pot of boiling water.


I had about a cup and a half of pasta so I consulted the guide for a cooking time. Then I had to re-read it about 3 times.

21 minutes? How is this quicker? Oh well, I forged ahead and put the Pasta n’ More in the microwave. Sort of.

The Pasta n’ More was almost the same size as my (filthy) microwave. Thoughts of the smell of burnt noodles started streaming through my head and thus, it was curtains for the Pasta n’ More.

While I was waiting a whole ten minutes for water to boil I sautéed up some olive oil, garlic and spinach.

and cut the seeds out of some sundried tomatoes with my kitchen scissors.

Now kitchen scissors are a kitchen gadget I can’t live without, as opposed to say…a Pasta n’ More.

Once cut, I added the tomatoes to the spinach

and then things got crazy.

I added the Alfredo sauce right to the pan.

But wait! I took it to a whole ‘notha level by adding the cooked pasta right to the same pan!

Yup, things were just crazy in my kitchen tonight. The pasta, by the way, took a total of 22 minutes to cook. This included waiting for the water to boil.

I sprinkled the finished product with a little parmesan and it was AH-MAZING!

I loved the spinach but the real star of this dish was the sun-dried tomatoes. In every few forkfuls there was a chewy, tangy kick that went so well with the creamy Alfredo sauce. Clean-up was a snap and I also have enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

As for the Pasta n’ More, I’ll be taking it to work with me tomorrow.


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