My Week Before Closing

It’s been a busy week! Everything started Tuesday morning when I met my realtor Sherry and the Home Depot Flooring representative at my house for an official measurement. I got to see my house empty for the first time (there was a tenant living there during my showing) and got to wander around for about an hour while the guy measured my floors. It was awesome, and made me so happy and content with my choice!

That same day, I also paid my Home Owner’s insurance in full for the next year and that will activate on Closing Day (this coming Tuesday) just in time for Frankenstorm 2012!


The Frankenstorm may hit the Northeast if Hurricane Sandy, currently in the Caribbean as a Category 2 storm, meets an early winter storm in the West with a blast of arctic air from the North, according to CBS News. Frankenstorm is likely to hit the East Coast next week, with New York City and New Jersey getting the brunt force.

“The guys in the government are calling it ‘Frankenstorm,’” a hybrid of a tropical system and a nor’easter, Tom Downs, a forecaster at Weather 2000 Inc. in New York told Business Week. “It is safe to say that there will be millions of dollars in damage.”

The mix of two storms creating the monstrous Frankenstorm is enough to ruin any Halloween. A hurricane gets power from warm waters while a nor’easter gets its power from differences in air temperature, Downs explained to Business Week. “So this is going to be a hybrid storm with wind flow over a wider area than a hurricane,” he said. “You’re not going to experience the massive damage in a concentrated area. Any damage is going to be more widespread but it isn’t going to be as catastrophic as a hurricane.” –Huffington Post

So I’m getting my first taste of Homeowner storm anxiety and am keeping my fingers crossed that the only thing the storm damages is the creepy shed in my backyard that I have yet to look inside. I wouldn’t mind having a nice new one.

As for power outages, I’m not 100% sure I’ll even have power on closing day! I called the electric company this past Wednesday and they told me the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard- I needed a “letter of credit” from my previous utility company stating that my account was in good standing. I asked the woman at the new company if I could simply bring in a copy of my credit report and she acted as though she’d never even heard of one of those before! After explaining to her what was on a credit report, she told me that “might” work. Instead of dealing with the nonsense, I did end up calling NYSEG to obtain this letter, which they assured me would get to me by closing day. It’s Saturday, and I still haven’t received it Sad smile

On an upbeat note, I did make a final decision on my laminate hardwood flooring:

It’s Pergo Presto “Beech Blocked” from Home Depot. I also made the final decision on my bedroom carpet this past Thursday night. I had my heart set on a thick, tan carpet that would match my blue & tan bedroom theme and blend well with my tan walls.

I put the sample in my purse and was ready to walk out and call the measuring service with the SKU but, on a whim, I also grabbed a light blue/grey swatch as well.

And, much to my surprise…I went with the blue/grey- actually, it’s called “Conifer” and I really love the color. The flooring rep commended me in this decision, apparently the carpet I chose is very high quality and very cushiony and soft- which is exactly what I was hoping for Smile

The laminate and the carpet need to be special ordered, so it should be in in 7-10 days. After that, the flooring company brings the laminate in to sit in the house to “acclimate” for 3 days. This is so any expanding or contracting can happen before the floor is actually installed. I’ve seen on HGTV (my new favorite channel as of late) that laminate is ridiculously easy to install, but the only way to guarantee your warranty is to have it professionally installed. Once the laminate is installed, different people will come in to install the carpet. Once this is all done (on average 2-3 weeks), I’ll finally be able to move in! In the mean time, I have lots of projects to do in the house once it’s finally mine- on Tuesday; I am too excited for words!


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