My New Friend

I absolutely love all the extras that came with my new home, but there was one “extra” that my realtor didn’t tell me about:


This is the friendly neighborhood cat that I’ve dubbed “Swimmer”. How, you might ask, did I come up with this name? When “Swimmer” wants some attention, he lets you know.

(It took me the same amount of minutes to upload this video as there are seconds in it–I cannot wait to have high-speed internet again)

He wants attention a lot…like earlier today when I was trying to get some photos of my newly pressure –washed deck.

Did you notice in the top picture that Swimmer’s right ear is clipped with a wedge shape? This leads me to believe he’s a neighborhood stray (that’s well-fed) and the ear is to let you know he’s been “trapped, neutered and returned”.


Either that or he’s just a scrapper, which is quite possible since he lets the other neighborhood cats know he’s “Duke of the Deck” at my house, but so far he’s been very sweet to me (it could be all the treats) Winking smile


8 thoughts on “My New Friend

  1. Aw…Swimmer is so cute! Lacey, your house is great! I know you’ll enjoy all the fun of planning, decorating, & getting your floors. That’s the fun part of having a house. Enjoy! We’re very happy for you!

  2. i think he is a feral cat cause they are doing the fix and putting the mark on their ears then releasing them back outside to barns ,etc he probably wants attention and love and shelter

  3. A cute kitty—-I saw him lounging next door when Nancy gave me a tour last week. Your house is just too cute and PERFECT for you. Can’t wait to see the new floors and carpet. Love the kitchen and computer nook!!! So much more inside than I expected. MEOW!

    • Thank you! I couldn’t have gotten more lucky with my house- it has everything I need 🙂

      The kitty has quite a few “friends” next door too but none of them ever come up on the porch. It’s Mr. Swimmers’ domain.

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