My Ode to my Dad

A DAD is the one who was cheering you on at your high school games, who was arguing with teachers who were being bullies and who disciplined you when YOU were being the bully.
A DAD is the one who mentions his arsenal of shotguns to your high school boyfriend, in a warning to not break your heart. A DAD is the one who gave you a shoulder to cry on when that same high school boyfriend did break your heart and a DAD, at the same time, makes an example every day of the way that a man should treat a woman.
A DAD is the one who supports you in any way possible while you make your own path in life; the one who encourages you when you need it and lets you make some wrong decisions so that you’ll eventually make the right ones.
A DAD is the one who reminds you that the material things in life can always be fixed or replaced, but that people cannot, and to appreciate your loved ones above all else.
A DAD is the one man you can count on forever- the one that will comfort you when you’re sick, when you’re fighting with your Mom, or simply when you’ve had a bad day. He’s also the one that will bring power tools when you have projects to do in your new home 😉
A “father” is biological…a “DAD” is there by choice and I’m forever grateful that Barry made that one.


3 thoughts on “My Ode to my Dad

  1. Now if he’d just come clean about fathering that kid that was arrested in Campbell the other day… 🙂 JUST FREAKING KIDDING! Love ya’, Barry – You’re the best! 🙂

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